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Affirmations by Paramhansa Yogananda

Father, teach me to perform every work just to please Thee. Let me feel that Thou art the electricity of my life, which moves the machinery of my bones, nerves, and muscles. In every heart-throb, every breath, every outburst of vital activity, teach me to feel Thy Power.

Praecept Volume 4 praeceptum #96

Father, Thou art in me. I am well.

Praecepta Volume 1 (1934): Praeceptum #26

Father, Thou art mine forever and forever. In everything which is good I worship Thy presence. Through the windows of all good thoughts, I behold Thy goodness.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #74

Since all business, directly or indirectly, is connected with Thy laws, I will bring Thy conscious Presence into my mind through meditation, in order to solve my God-given problems.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #75

I shall recognize all disease as the result of my transgressions against health laws and I shall try to undo the evil by right eating, less eating, by fasting, by more exercise, and by right thinking.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #64

Heavenly Father, I will reason, I will will, I will act, but guide Thou my reason, will and activity to the right thing that I should do.

Praecepta Volume 1 (1934): Praeceptum #26

I will always behold the perfect, healthy, all-wise, all-blissful image of God in my life. Take away the weight of indifference and forgetfulness from my mind and make me drink the nectar of Thy ever-blessed Presence.

Praecepta -volume 3 - praeceptum-70

Being endowed with free choice, I am the Son of God in reality. I have been dreaming that I am a mortal man, I am now awake. The dream of my Soul imprisoned in my bodily cage has vanished. I am everything that my Heavenly Father is.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #73

Be Thou the Pole-Star of my ship-wrecked thoughts.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #53

I will mingle my inner devotional whispers with the prayers of Saints and continuously offer them in the temple of silence and activity until I can hear His whispers loudly, everywhere.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #54

Father, be Thou mine always, as Thou hast been and may Thy love be the only King reigning on the throne of all my ambitions and desires. May I be able to make a fitting temple for Thee in every heart.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #56

From today on, I will broadcast my Soul-Call into the ether, and Thou must respond through the receiver of my Silence.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #56

I will wipe the dream fears of disease, sadness, and ignorance from the Soul’s Face of Silence, with the veil of Divine Mother’s Peace.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #68

His healing light has been shining within me, around me, but I have kept the eyes of my inner perceptions closed so that I beheld not His transmuting light. I will plunge the gaze of my faith through the window of the Spiritual Eye and baptize my body in the healing light of Christ Consciousness.

Praecepta Lessons, volume 3: Contents, Health Culture

Thy gentle Voice saying: ‘Come Home,’ I often heard; but it was drowned in the noises of the wild cravings of many lives. I forsook the jostling crowds of desires. In the solitude of my mind, my devotion is bursting to hear Thy Voice. Take away the dreams of earthly sounds, which yet lurk in my mind. I want to hear Thy quiet Voice, ever singing in the silence of my Soul.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #56

Every day I will endeavor to establish a new temple of Self-Realization in the soil of new friendship.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 5: Advanced Adeptship

Father, manifest Thine ever-new joy and wisdom through me.

Praecepta Volume 1 (1934): Praeceptum #26