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Yogananda’s Christmas Greetings 1938

Inner Culture, December 1938

To Students, Friends, and All

Jesus graced the earth once and was crucified, but His teachings are crucified all the time through spiritual misunderstanding and theoretical theological ignorance.

I pray that Christ Consciousness be born this Christmas within your mind expanded by Self-Realization through deep meditation.

Let this Christmas be a portal to enter into the spirit of Christ. Just as we at the Los Angeles headquarters of the Self-Realization Fellowship pass the entire day of December 24th in ever-increasing deep meditation, so all students, singly or in groups at the Self-Realization Centers, should observe the same spiritual rule. Let the 24th be used for the spiritual Christmas. Utilize December 25th for the social Christmas, observing then the festivities of the sacred season with friends and relatives. For the Christ spirit must be born first in your soul, then it will manifest in your family and social relationships and church affiliations.

Wherever you are, my spirit commingled with Christ love and the love of my Guru-receptor will vibrate in the ratio of your devotion tuned by deep meditation and free from restless thoughts.

I wish you an ecstatic Christmas and an ever-progressive New Year, wherein you may become more and more one with omnipresent Christ Consciousness