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Cheese by Paramhansa Yogananda

Cheese is classed as a protein food, and is therefore an important meat substitute. Since it is made of milk, it contains the same valuable elements, such as vitamins A, B, and G, and the minerals sodium, calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, and chlorine. Cheese is a very important food because of its richness in butter fat and its complete milk protein. However, it is very concentrated and should not be served in too large quantities alone.

Cottage cheese is usually made of either skim milk or buttermilk and consequently does not contain the butter fat with its fat-soluble vitamins. It is well to mix cream with cottage cheese.

Each individual should eat at least one-half pound of cheese a week.

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #74

Editor’s Note: Vitamin G is B2