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To Awaken Energy by Paramhansa Yogananda

Praecepta -volume 3 - praeceptum-70

Just as electricity passes through a rod made of a conductive substance, and electrifies it, so the body battery becomes fully charged with Life Force derived from oxygen. When you are tired and hungry, take a sun bath, and you will find yourself recharged with ultraviolet rays, and revived, or inhale and exhale several times outdoors or near an open window, and your fatigue will be gone. A person who is on a fast and inhales and exhales deeply twelve times, three times a day, recharges his body with electrons and free energy from air and ether. Contact of food and oxygen with the inner bodily system is necessary if the Life Force is to convert the food and oxygen into energy. The Life Force can assimilate oxygen more quickly than it can assimilate solids or liquids.

People who practice breathing exercises always have shining, magnetic eyes. Practice the following exercise three times a day: Exhale slowly, counting from 1 to 6. Now, while the lungs are empty, mentally count from 1 to 6. Inhale slowly, counting from 1 to 6. Then hold the breath, counting from 1 to 6. Repeat eleven times, (Never hold the breath longer than it takes to count slowly from 1 to 6, or, at most, from 1 to 12.)

1. Stand erect with arms stretched straight above head. Relax while holding this position. Throw breath out and keep breath out for the duration of 12 counts. Inhale and feel that you are drawing energy through the finger tips into the medulla and body parts.

2 Put chin on chest, tightening muscles of the throat. Slowly inhale, lifting head up and bending it backward. Relax, drop chin on chest, and exhale.

3. The Mental Rope Jumping Exercise. Swing your hands as if you are swinging a rope and jump over the imaginary rope.

4. Exhale, and squat on the haunches, sitting on heels. Stand, inhale, and hold breath, counting 1 to 10. Then exhale and drop to squatting position again while exhaling. (Knees should not touch the ground and back should remain erect through whole exercise.) Repeat five times.

5. Raise arms sidewise, shoulder high. Swing them forward, touching palms in front, then swing back to side position. Repeat ten times.

6. Close eyes. Very gently contract both breasts. Put whole attention there while contracting them. Hold contraction, counting 1 to 30. Then release contraction. Repeat six times, morning, noon, and night.

7. Exposing chest to direct sunlight has been found to be very beneficial; slowly walk two miles a day. Remain outdoors. Eat plenty of raw green vegetables and thoroughly ground pecans. Clearing throat and nose with mixture of a half teaspoonful of salt and a glassful of water early mornings and noon, and just before going to bed, has been found to be very effective.

Awaken Energy

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