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by Paramhansa Yogananda

WEEKLY INSPIRATION: Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #56

While we know that material foods supply the body with energy, we must also remember that good thoughts are nourishing food for the mind, and thoughts of any other nature are poisonous to the health of body and mind.

Have you ever analyzed your mental diet? It consists usually of the thoughts which you are thinking as well as the thoughts that you are receiving from the close thought contact with your friends. Peaceful thoughts and peaceful friends always produce healthy, magnetic minds. It is easy to tell whether a person feeds on a quarrelsome or a peaceful environment.

Come out of your closed chamber of narrowness. Drink in the fresh air of the vital thoughts and views of other people. Drink vitality; receive mental nourishment from materially and spiritually progressive minds.

Feast unstintingly on the creative thinking within yourself and others. Take long mental walks on the paths of self-confidence. Exercise with the instruments of judgment, introspection, and initiative. Exhale poisonous thoughts of discouragement, discontentment, and hopelessness. Go on ignorance-elimination fasts. Refuse to be enslaved by ignorant habits and thoughtless actions. Take up intensive Spiritual study and intensive Spiritual dieting, and refuse to suffer any longer from the infection of ignorance.