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The instructions below from Paramhansa Yogananda are compiled from many sources in the public domain regarding healing with affirmations. I suggest reading this before listening to the MP3 audio I compiled of healing affirmations. Memorize the affirmations that mean the most to you. When using these techniques below, you will create instant vibratory healing whenever you need it. You can also make your own recording easily with free recording software available online. I used Audacity.

In divine inspiration, Gitabai Heater


1. Sit facing North or East.

2. Close your eyes (concentrating your attention on the medulla¹, unless otherwise directed). Keep spine erect, chest high, abdomen in. Relax completely. Take deep breaths and exhale thrice.

3. Relax the body and keep it motionless. Empty the mind of all restless thoughts, and withdraw it from all sensations of bodily weight, temperature and sounds, etc.

4. Fill your mind with devotion and with will, feeling the former in the heart and the latter in its physiological center of generation in between the eyebrows. Cast away anxiety, distrust, worry. Realize calmly that the Divine Law works and is All-Powerful only when you do not shut it out by doubt or disbelief. Faith and concentration allow it to operate unhampered. Hold the thought that all bodily states are changeable and curable and that the consciousness of anything being chronic is a delusion.

5. Forget what it is that you want to be healed.


Immediately after awakening from sleep in the morning, or during the period of somnolence preceding sleep at night.


Noiseless or quiet surroundings as far as possible. If the affirmations have to be used in a noisy place, just ignore the disturbance and devotedly attend to your exercise.


Before starting to affirm, always free the mind of all worries and restlessness. Choose your affirmation and repeat it first loudly, then softer and more slowly, until your voice becomes a whisper. Then gradually affirm it mentally only, without moving even the tongue or the lips. Affirm mentally until you feel that you have merged into deep, unbroken concentration, not unconsciousness, but conscious continuity of uninterrupted thought.

Then if you continue with your mental affirmation, and go still deeper, you will feel a great sense of increasing Joy and peace come over you. During deep concentration, your affirmation will merge into the sub-conscious stream, only to come back later reinforced with power to influence your conscious mind through the law of habit. During the time of experiencing ever-increasing peace, your affirmation goes deeper into the super-conscious reservoir, to return later laden with unlimited power not only to influence your conscious mind but also to materially fulfill your desires. Doubt not and you shall witness the miracle of this scientific faith.


Memorize these (affirmations) sufficiently so that you need not search for words when you talk to the Father. But never repeat them without your full attention upon them. Absorb the full meaning of each word, then float them into the ether charged with deep realization and feeling. In your absolute faith in, and acknowledgement of, God, you open the channel and clear the way for His healing power to flow through you.

If one constantly keeps his mind concentrated upon the point between the eyebrows, (at the Christ Center) and sees there the Spiritual Eye and commands it to recharge the body with strength, it will do so.


From the mental standpoint, man must understand how his intelligence controls and directs the intelligence of the atoms of his body. Then, when he learns that his intelligence is a ray of Divine Intelligence, he will know that his body is sustained principally by God’s Cosmic Energy, and that he must purify both his body and mind so that this clear Light of Directing Intelligence can shine through.

During the different affirmations, notice should be taken of the physiological centers where the attention should be directed — i.e., the heart is the center where feeling is concerned, the medulla is the source of energy, and will proceeds from the spot in the center of the forehead. Attention is unconsciously directed to those centers, e.g., when we feel, the attention is centered in the heart and we feel it to the exclusion of all other parts of our bodies. We want to cultivate a conscious power over the direction of attention to the centers of thought, will and feeling.


Above all, absolute unquestioning faith in God or his true devotees is the greatest method of instantaneous healing. It is better to die in the attempt to arouse that faith, than to die in good health, but with an absolute reliance on medicine or matter.

Remember again that the affirmations must be practiced with the proper loud intonation, fading into a whisper, and above all with attention and devotion, taking the thought from the auditory sense to the understanding or conscious mind, thence to the sub-conscious or automatic mind, and then to the Super-conscious, with conviction about their efficacy and truth. To those who believe, these affirmations will cure them, and Yogoda² will teach them how to prevent disease forever, as well as cure it.


During the physical curing process, the attention must not be on the disease, which always damps the faith, but on the mind. During mental cures of fear, anger, any bad habit, consciousness of failure, unsuccess, nervousness, etc., the concentration should be on the opposite mental quality, e.g., the cure for fear is culturing the consciousness of bravery; of anger — peace; of weakness — strength; of sickness — health.

Words that are saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith and intuition are just like highly explosive vibration bombs, which when let out, are sure to explode the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired. Sincere words or affirmations repeated understandingly, feelingly and willingly are sure to move the Omnipresent Cosmic Vibratory Force and render you aid in your difficulty. Only appeal to that Force with infinite confidence, casting out all doubt and the spirit of looking for the desired result.


Instantaneous healing of bodily, mental and spiritual diseases might occur at any moment. The accumulated darkness of ages is dispelled at once by bringing the light in, not by trying to chase the darkness out. One never can tell when he is going to be healed, so do not expect a cure at once or at some distant day. Faith, not time, will determine when the cure will be effected. Results depend on the right awakening of life energy and the mental and sub-conscious state of the individual.

Effort and attention are absolutely necessary to arouse faith or will or imagination, which, when stimulated, automatically impels the Life Energy to effect a cure. Desire or expectation for results weakens the force of attention. Without will or faith, Life Energy remains asleep, and cure cannot take place.

It takes time to reawaken a weakened will, faith or imagination in a patient suffering from chronic disease, because his brain cells are grooved with the consciousness of disease habits. As it takes a long time to form a bad habit of disease consciousness, similarly some time is required to form a good habit of health consciousness.

The secret is to do these things regularly and not to give up when results are not obtained at once. It usually takes time to change the vibratory action of the body and develop receptivity of both mind and body.

 1 The medulla (oblongata) is the area at the base of the skull. “The human body is surrounded by a halo of conscious Cosmic Energy. Through vibrations of Cosmic Energy, God’s intelligence supplies our bodies with Life Force. The medulla oblongata, the “mouth of God,” is the antenna that receives energy from Cosmic Consciousness.”

2 The word Yogoda is derived from "Yoga," meaning harmony or equilibrium, and "da," that which imparts. "Yogoda" means that particular system which imparts harmony and equilibrium to all the forces, which operate for the perfection of the physique.


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