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Because of long concentration on the little body and its necessities, the Soul has forgotten its Omnipresent nature. God is Omnipresent. The Cosmos is His body. Man’s Soul, made in God’s image, has in it the seed experience of Omnipresence. This consciousness of Omnipresence is hidden in the little Soul as a tree is secreted in a small seed. Just as from a seed grown in the proper soil there springs forth a tree, so also, proper meditation, instilled in the Soul, will manifest the Omnipresent consciousness.

A mundane Soul is busy with its own little body and its cramped relations, so its consciousness does not extend beyond the gates of its own home. The Spiritual man, through the spreading light of sympathy and meditation, learns to feel the woes and pain of other Souls. He feels that the world, or Cosmos, is his home. Looking at the body constantly causes the mind to think of itself as confined in the flesh. Meditation upon the Infinite, as it grows deeper, making the meditator, meditation, and the object of meditation One, convinces the mind that it is not only encased in the little body, but is in everything. The mind, meditating upon the body, becomes limited by it. The mind, meditating upon the Infinite, becomes unlimited. Meditation is the art of transferring the attention from finite things (the little body and the little portions of space in which mortals live) to the Infinite.


Every human brain is the storehouse of Life Force. Radiant waves of energy electric in character dance through the human brain. If the head is hit hard, one can see electric sparks. Hitting of the head produces [??sic?] a tendency of the energy in the head to try to splash it-self out. Just as a cupful of water when shaken spills water, so a brainful of energy when shaken produces flashes of energy. This brain energy is constantly being used up in muscular movements, with the working of the heart, lung, diaphragm, cellular metabolism, chemicalization of blood, and with carrying on the telephonic sensory motor-system of the nerves. Besides this, in thinking, feeling, and willing, a tremendous amount of brain energy is required.

Thus the brain radio has often a weak battery of energy. Just as when a radio battery runs low it fails to work, so the brain radio, if lacking in energy, also fails to work as a thought-receiving radio. Ordinary radios are equipped with batteries to supply energy, and they transmit some vibrations. The human brain is equipped with the energy of Life Force, and it is meant to act like a radio to receive thoughts or broadcast thoughts to other brain radios.


A radio is a machine operated by radiant energy – like electric waves. Every radio has to have an antenna or an elevated conductor existing of wires supported in the air for directly transmitting or receiving electric waves. The time is fast approaching when the radio machines and the telegraphic system will be put into the discard, for we shall soon be able to communicate instantaneously through our brain radios.

Frequently we have “hunches.” That is, our mind radio gets mysteriously tuned in with the thoughts of others, or with the vibration of an impending event floating in the ether of Cosmic Consciousness. Occasionally, when we continuously and very badly want others to know about our certain wishes, they get to know of them.

Now the question is: If occasionally the human mind can receive thoughts or transmit thoughts to another mind without the medium of ordinary methods of communication, then why could not the human mental radios be so tuned that they could receive or broadcast thought messages at will?


As an out-of-order broadcasting machine, or a radio, cannot send or receive messages, respectively, so also the human mental broadcasting apparatus and radio machine which is out of order cannot work the miracle of telepathy; that is, it cannot convert your brain into a mental radio.

Perhaps your mind microphone has been broken by the hammers of restlessness used by your noisy passions. If so, then that mind microphone must be repaired by deep silence, or by the practice of the technique of concentration and physical discipline, preceding a prayer of loving demand. When you feel calm, your mind microphone is repaired, and then it is time to broadcast your first and foremost loving demand “Father, make me realize again that Thou and I are One.”

Do not jump up after one or two mental broadcasts, but with continuous personal zeal keep on consciously with the ever-increasing hunger of your heart, incessantly, mentally uttering the above affirmation for your lost unity with God, until you feel an ever-increasing thrill of joy bursting around your heart, and your whole body. This increasing joy after meditation is the only proof that God has answered through the devotion-tuned radio of your heart.

The longer and deeper you meditate and affirm, the deeper will you feel and be conscious of the ever-increasing joy in your heart. Then you will know without doubt that there is a God and that He ever-existing, ever-conscious, omnipresent, ever-new Joy. Then demand: “Father, now today, all day, all tomorrows, every instant, in sleep, in wakefulness, in life, in death, in this world, and in the beyond, remain with me as the consciously-responding Joy of my heart.”

After that, ask if you wish, for healing of the fleeting flesh, or ask for passing prosperity, or for anything that you think with wisdom that you should have, but never forget to request, all the time: “Father, be Thou mine always, as Thou hast been and may Thy love be the only King reigning on the throne of all my ambitions and desires. May I be able to make a fitting temple for Thee in every heart.”

When you are calm and concentrated, and your mind becomes a strong battery of energy, raise your hands and try to feel the vibrations of your distantly-situated loved one, or the vibrations of distant homes and cities. Remember, your hands lifted up in the air, and held poised in deep concentration, will act as antennas to receive the thoughts of others or to broadcast your thoughts to others. As sounds pass through ether, our thoughts pass through Cosmic Consciousness, which pervades all our Souls and all material substances.


Our sense radios can only intercept certain rates of vibratory messages of qualities, appearances – not the substance, the thing-in-itself. Our senses give a report of phenomena, not of noumena*. Look at an orange – you perceive the color, touch, smell, taste; one perception at a time. A combination of these perceptions is called an orange; no one knows what the thing, the orange, is in itself. The orange is not the color, nor the taste, nor the softness, but is the force which combines these qualities harmoniously to produce the effect of an orange. A manufactured orange may be produced with a sponge, orange juice, orange scent, and orange skin, to look, taste, and feel like an orange. As our senses only perceive qualities separately, an artificial combination of the color, taste, smell, and touch may easily lead the senses and the power of inference to believe that a manufactured orange is a real orange.

No one knows what the real orange is. Perhaps it is the intelligent combination of differently vibrating atoms representing color, taste, solidity, and smell, around one nucleus. Our senses do not tell us that, but our wisdom does. The vast universe is nothing but an ocean of energy lying about us; high overhead as rivers of the milky way, twinkling stars, solar systems; beneath our feet as solid earth. The physical body, with its ethereal thoughts, the sparkling lakes, heaving oceans, sky, air and fire – all are but the vibrations of the same Cosmic energy. Yet the senses differentiate and tell us the delusive story that the solid hurts us, the liquid drowns us, the fire burns us, the sky does not hold us, and the gas chokes us. As ice appears from water, steam, hydrogen-oxygen gas, so appears the universe as the solid earth, oceans, and vapors. All are the manifestations of one and the same substance. All the ninety elements of which the whole universe is comprised are made of one electronic energy, which in turn is composed of conscious Cosmic energy. Our senses tell us only of the most superficial aspect of matter, deceiving us into thinking that ice is cold, heavy, and solid, and that steam is hot and fluid, and that the atoms in it are composed of burning luminous electricity.

Our senses do not tell us the truth; namely, that the electrons laden in a small pencil could explode a skyscraper, and that the energy released from the electrons constituting a human body could explode a part of Mount Everest. If our senses spoke the truth, we would see the earth not as solid, liquid, and gaseous, but as rivers and glaciers of electrons. Each speck of dust would appear to be a rolling mass of light.

It might be reasoned that, though our senses deceive us, our powers of reason can give us new truths. That is true. We must, however, remember that all the knowledge derived from experiments carried on by the help of the microscope, mathematics, and fine instruments, has to come through the senses, but the senses, and the reason working on their testimony, have only told a millionth part of the truth about the nature of matter and all things. Only yesterday atoms were considered ultimate – now they are further analyzed to contain the finer materials of electrons. Thus neither the senses nor the power of inference which builds knowledge on sense testimony can be trusted to tell us the truth about the earth, the universe, the human body, or the mind.

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*Editor’s note: noumena [noo-muh-nuh] the essense or spirit. the object of intuition not of the physical senses.