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Vitamin E by Paramhansa Yogananda

Vitamin E is called the anti-sterility vitamin because its lack in the diet of some animals causes inability to produce young. The exact effect of its lack on human beings is not yet know. It is fairly well distributed in natural foods and we are not as likely to have a diet deficient in it as in the other vitamins.

Vitamin E was one of the last to be discovered and there has not yet been sufficient experimentation for all of its properties to be known exactly. Some scientists claim that it helps to prevent cancer. Interesting information comes from the research laboratories continually and it will probably not be long before we shall know a great deal more about this vitamin.


The best source is the germ of wheat. Other sources are: “Wheat germ oil, cottonseed, corn and palm oils, also peach kernel, soy bean, peanut and olive oils are said to contain vitamin E.”

“Oil from the germ of wheat does not contain any of the hitherto recognized vitamins, yet it is said to be one of the most potent sources of vitamin E.”

Praecepta Lessons, Volume 3 (1938): Praeceptum #64