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Lesson 2: Outline on “Divine Will Healing” by Paramhansa Yogananda

Advanced Course on Practical Metaphysics (1926)

The projected energy of God which brought forth creation is termed Divine Will.

Human will is microcosmic Divine Will.

Divine will is omnipresent, residing in every unit of Cosmic Energy or Universal Prana.

Divine will has creative power as well as sustaining power.

Disintegration of Cosmic Energy atoms is constantly taking place in the universe, due to the constant flux and influx motion of Maya (repulsion force).

Yet a great force of Divine gravitation is constantly pulling all units of energy toward God as the center of everything (attraction force).

The Maya-force born of the Divine-will-force-to-create constantly tries to keep the creation in existence by the law of repulsion. The collision between the creative force of Maya and the Divine gravitation force towards God causes inharmony in the universe, called disease in human beings.

Due to this soul and mind and body disease or inharmony we are isolated from God. Hence, “disease” is anything that keeps us from God-realization.

To harmonize the Maya repulsive force projecting outwards, and the Divine gravitating force drawing inwards, is termed Healing.

Hence disease of body, mind and soul ought to be divinely treated.

To Heal Others by Divine Will

Human will, being limited to the circumference of the body, has to be released and projected in order to) use it as a medium for sending Cosmic energy to other human organisms.


1. Practice the 4th lesson of Yogoda, then be calm.

2. Rub the middle of the forehead in between the eyebrows.

3. Hold your skin at that place pinchingly.

4. Concentrate all attention on the touch sensation caused by the pinch.

5. Then strongly project will and try to see the Light (taught by Yogoda-5th lesson).

6. Concentrate with utmost faith and bridge your will with Divine will.

7. Go on willing your patient too he cured, by thinking your will is running down through his forehead down his spine and body to the center of the affected area in his body.

8. Doubt not, just refuse to investigate if your patient is cured. Just believe, cure and forget. Don’t talk about your cure to skeptics.

9. Never say, “I cured,” Always think the Divine will, as your human will, cured the disease. Give the whole credit to the Divine Healing Power and Divine Energy.

Exercise in Will to be a Spiritual Healer

(a) Practice in the above way by pinching the forehead to cure your own physical ills, e.g., a cold should be cured immediately just by the power of will.

(b) Will deeply; believe and forget; do not waver in your mind.