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Questions and Answers: Acquiring Magnetism by Paramhansa Yogananda

Q & A topic 3 Inner Culture, July 1941

Question: “How can I acquire magnetism?”–S.T.

Answer: There is within us a magnetic force by which we attract those who have a living relationship to our magnetic power. Thus, a human being cannot attract a stone because a stone has no relation to a human being. We know that an ordinary magnet has a certain range and power. Small magnets draw small things. Larger magnets draw larger objects. The human magnet draws according to its power of attraction. Some people attract physical things, some attract mental things, and some attract spiritual things. It depends on what kind of a magnet one wishes to be.

We must develop two kinds of magnetism–one to attract God and another to attract our material necessities. If we use all our magnetism to gain material things, sooner or later we shall be disillusioned. It is true that God gave us bodies, and we must look after them; but if we first develop spiritual magnetism, it will guide us in the proper ways to supply all our material needs.

Body Must Obey Commands

We must develop physical magnetism in order to have a body that is strong and conscious of itself–not to the point of vanity, but a body that obeys our command. Recharging the body with energy develops great magnetism. Keep the body magnetized by right eating. Too much protein and starchy foods retain the poisons in the body. Eating freely of fruits and vegetables has a tendency to develop magnetism. Fruits have a great magnetic quality. Overeating is bad. Fasting often is very good, as it gives the stomach a rest.

To acquire mental magnetism, we must do everything with deep concentration. People who have reached the top in any profession or business have great magnetic power. If one is a slave to any of the senses, he is losing magnetism. If he has control over them, he is developing magnetism. To maintain and develop an even mind without getting emotional is the way to magnetic living. Emotionalism must be converted into power and be governed by wisdom; then one has great magnetism.

We must be careful with whom we associate, because we are continually exchanging magnetism with other people through our thoughts, through shaking hands and through looking into the eyes of another person. As soon as we shake hands with someone, a magnet is formed. The person who is the stronger gives his vibration to the other person. We become like the people we mingle with, not through their conversation, but through the silent magnetic vibration which goes out of their bodies. When we come in the range of their magnetism, we become like them.

If a man wants to become an artist, he must associate with artists. If he wants to be a good business man, he must associate with successful leaders. If he wants to become a spiritual giant, he must associate with devotees of God.

Develop Cosmic Magnetism

One can develop cosmic magnetism by thinking of God and saintly people. By concentrating deeply upon a certain personality, one can attract that personality. That is why one should think only of great individuals. If we concentrate on thoughts of wicked people, we will attract their qualities unless we are stronger than they are. If our whole heart is with someone, we draw all the defects and all the good qualities of that person.

If one is a material magnet, he notices that power in others he meets. If he is a moral magnet, he notices that power in others. If he is a spiritual magnet, he notices that magnetism in others.

Divine magnetism is the power of all powers. When our prayer bursts out of our heart and God gives up His vow of silence and speaks to us, then we have gained divine magnetism. We must use our time to develop spiritual magnetism in order to attract the Imperishable. Develop power to attract the highest thing–then we can easily attract all lesser things.

We must detach ourselves from this body–this physical residence. Each of us is a spark of the Infinite. We must differentiate between perishable objects and imperishable possessions. Anything that belongs to the body is perishable; anything that belongs to the mind is semi-perishable; anything that belongs to the soul is imperishable.

Keep in tune with the Divine Magnetic Power. Think of God so constantly that He will be with you wherever you go. Then all your good desires will materialize, even those formed in the distant past.