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What Sustains the Body by Paramhansa Yogananda

Questions and Answers: What Sustains the Body? By Paramhansa Yogananda

Q&A 3909 topic 1 Inner Culture, September 1939

Question: What sustains the body besides food?–X.E.

Answer: The word “food” is usually used in connection with material nourishment, but there are other kinds of food, namely, mental energy (or concentration) and divine wisdom. Material food recharges the body battery; concentration, the mind battery; divine wisdom, the soul battery.

What distilled water is to a wet battery, food is to the body battery. The life energy in the body battery is derived from cosmic energy as well as from material food. In reality, the life energy in the body breaks up the food and converts it into energy.

Each one of the many cells in the human body is a tiny mouth taking nourishment from various sources. All foods that are eaten produce a sensation on the palate as well as certain chemical effects in body and brain. Food sensations determine a specific mentality.

While we know that material foods supply the body with energy, we must also remember that good thoughts are nourishing for the mind, and evil thoughts are poisonous to the health of body and mind.

Oxygen and Sunshine

Oxygen and sunshine should have a very important place in our life because of their direct energy-producing qualities. Just as electricity passes through a rod made of conductive substance and electrifies it, so our body battery becomes fully charged with life energy derived from oxygen.

On the other hand, the more you depend upon your will power and upon cosmic energy to sustain you, the less you will require material food; the more you depend upon material food, the weaker will become your will power and the less your recourse to cosmic energy.