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Easter Awakening

By Swami Yogananda Inner Culture, April 1935

The Ocean of God

The little wavelet of Christ Life played helpfully over the bosom of the Cosmic Life for a while, and then it vanished within the ocean’s tenderness, not to die, but to be fed with eternal Ambrosia, and to come back again to declare the immortality of its tiny existence. The ocean of God throbbed once more in the resurrected Prince Jesus.

Flowers fade never to return, but Jesus only slept to obey the sweet command of Nature, and woke again to declare His mastery over Her.

Jesus has silenced the laughter of unbelieving eyes and the audacious poetic assertion that no traveler has ever returned from death’s bourne, by coming back from the place from which no one ever returned before.

Hope was Resurrected

With the return of Jesus to this mundane domain, a hope was resurrected in the hearts of a thousand million mortals – the hope that they, too, could wipe away the sting of death from their breasts of everlastingness.

Christ hid Himself again to show that He could not only resurrect His eternalness in the body of Jesus, but also in every blossom, and in every living Being that would ever smile in the garden of Creation through endless eons.

Christ was resurrected not only on Easter Morn, but He reanimates Himself in the dawn of each Soul’s awakening. Our Souls die every day, whenever we are buried in the tomb of ignorance, and we resurrect ourselves again in Cosmic Wisdom.

Banish the death-consciousness perceived during the sleep of delusion, and resurrect your Soul in the ever-reigning Light of Immortality. Let this be your Easter Awakening.