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Paramhansa Yogananda’s Christmas Greetings 1939

Inner Culture, December 1939)

Christ sends this message of Christmas inspiration through me:

“As the husband and wife sacrifice for each other, as parents sacrifice for their children, as families sacrifice for their country, so should each country sacrifice for the United World Family of all humanity.

“Let this Christmas season be one of joyous sacrifice for one another. Deny yourself many things that others may have the necessities of life. I will accept those gifts as personal offerings to Me, made in the temple of loving appreciation.

“Celebrate this Christmas by being with Me on Christmas eve, in meditation, and on Christmas day in festivity.

“Though I was born so many centuries ago, I am born anew in the cradle of your love whenever you call on Me with ceaseless devotion. I am with you at Christmas and in reality at all times, if you call Me in the secret depths of your heart.”