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Praecepta Lessons, volume 3: Contents, Health Culture

The motion or energy, or Life Force, which is within you is that which heals. Outside or physical methods are used to rouse this Life Energy. Self-Realization teaches you how to rouse the Life Force which creates every part of the body. That Life Force is the creator of every organ of the body.

The link between the mind and flesh is supplied by the Life Force.

Without mind, body cannot will, and without body, mind cannot will. When, by will power, you can contact that dynamic power, a steady current will go through your hands and eyes, and you will say: “Oh, I thought that this little body had little life, ready to be killed by storm and accidents, but now I realize that beneath this life is the Cosmic Life.”

Self-Realization teaches you how to contact Cosmic Life, and you will never get tired because you will feel that beneath your energy is that Cosmic Energy. And the greatest method is to use that energy directly from the inner source and not through medicines, emotion, and so on. Then you can say: “Right beneath the flesh is a tremendous current. I forgot it, but now, by the pickax of Self-Realization, I have dug that Life Force up again. I and my Father are One. I am not the flesh. I am a bundle of electricity behind this body.”


“His healing light has been shining within me, around me, but I have kept the eyes of my inner perceptions closed so that I beheld not His transmuting light. I will plunge the gaze of my faith through the window of the Spiritual Eye and baptize my body in the healing light of Christ Consciousness.”